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Buff your Skin

Exfoliate. This is the process of removing dead cells from your face, gently with a scrub that keeps your skin looking healthy, fresh and bright. Adding a chemical exfoliant will also help clear out dirty pores. Try it- buff your skin of the dead cells that lead to clogged pores, acne, and even worse- wrinkles. Remember to try to use a gentle exfoliant, two times a week. More than that may dry out the skin and cause your skin to over produce oils. Everyone is different and experiment to find out what your skin needs. Don’t forget to hydrate after, using a hydrating mask, a night mask, or just your daily moisturizer.

To exfoliate, wash in a circular motion, paying attention to your nose and chin area. There are also tools out there that help in the process, if you want to electrify the process. Just ensure that you are cleaning the tools properly and changing them out regularly. Always remember if you are exfoliating during the day, load up on the SPF following the treatment.